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We are here to help you. Whether it’s probating a will, protecting your interests in a house or making sure you receive your fair inheritance, we can help you with it. We do not make you speak to paralegals and are committed to always providing a free consultation so that you can easily get the answers that you need.

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Legal Practice Areas

Sunrise Law Group primarily focuses on probate law, estate planning and property law. Our law firm represents individuals and helps people with the most important parts of their lives: their families. We are proud that some of our most important missions are to honor your parents wishes or to provide an estate plan that protects your children.


We regularly represent heirs to Louisiana estates who need to do the following:

  • Live out of town but need a Louisiana lawyer
  • Sell a Louisiana house
  • Access a Louisiana bank account
  • Probate a Louisiana will
  • Claim life insurance benefits from a Louisiana Decedent
  • Protect their interests from other family members and heirs
  • Handle disputes between step-parents or step-siblings


Our law firm provides solutions to people who need to sell property with uncooperative co-owners. We can force sales of Louisiana houses, recover stolen rents, and seek reimbursements for expenses that should have been fairly paid by other co-owners.


Estate planning can encompass many things, but most commonly addresses two issues: (1) Determining who inherits your property after you pass, and in some cases how that property is to be used; and (2) Empowering your trusted loved ones to make decisions on your behalf should you be unable to for any reason. A good estate plan can save you and your loved ones an enormous amount of time, cost and stress, but can also be a difficult topic to face. We are committed to providing all of our clients with good education first so that they can make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

about us

Our Team

Logan Greenberg

Logan went to law school at Tulane University and started his career by simultaneously developing his trial skills and giving back to the community by working at the Orleans Public Defender’s Office.

Shortly thereafter he spent several years working with the trial attorneys at the Unglesby Law Firm handling a diverse range of civil litigation. He then expanded his practice to engage in a number of complex multi-district cases. Now, Logan seeks to bring his long history as a client-centered litigator to Sunrise Law Group.

Zack Delerno

Zack graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and earned his Juris Doctorate from the Southern University Law Center. Upon graduation, Zack participated in the Civil Pro Bono Pilot Program in the Middle District of Louisiana where he represented various litigants in evidentiary hearings and trial. Zack was selected as a 2020 Louisiana Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine and is a proud member of the Louisiana Association of Justice. Zack currently practices in the areas of estate planning, succession representation, trust formation, trust resolution, nonprofit law, and personal injury.


What Clients Have Said

  • My husband and I contacted Sunrise Law Group in February to help us with probate. Logan Greenberg answered us within 24 hours, explained the process, and we were done within a few months. We called him back a month or so later to help us sell a family property and that process was taken care of in less than three months! The best part of all of this is that we are in Texas and we never had to leave home!!! If you want professionalism, compassion, timely service, and an attorney with a pulse…please, do yourself a favor and call Sunrise Law Group!

    Yolanda B.

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